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Founded in 2022, Rockside Capital Services is a new entry in a well established industry. We are a privately owned entity, and a breath of fresh air to many households and businesses. We aim to protect your family, assets and dreams in these unprecedented times. The last few years have shown a lot of uncertainties, and we are ready to tackle them, together with you, as they come. Our team can foresee and analyze events before they happen, expounding them to depth, which means you are protected today and tomorrow.

Serving the interests of our clients is our utmost priority. Personalized support and relationships matter to us. Since we are highly motivated, we are empowered to deliver top-notch support and services. That means a short waiting time to file your claims and get them. We deliver, and that is what separates us from others.

We welcome you to join a family that is ready to win and win with us. Welcome to Rockside Capital Services, where dots are connected.

Rosalynn Mworia

CEO, Rockside Capital Services

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protecting you is our business

Rockside Capital Services is serving policyholders – protecting businesses, mitigating losses, defending claims

Business Development

We create long term value for an organisation, business or entity. This includes increasing increasing profitability by building strategic partnerships. From customers, markets and relationships, we connect all the dots.

Insurance Brokerage

We act on behalf of and provide advice in the interests of our clients. We also help you identify your individual and/or business risks to help you decide what to insure, and how to manage those risks in other ways.

Wholesale and Retail Trade

We have expertise to extract insights from data to guide buying decisions. Also our expertise involves buying products in bulk from producers and selling them in smaller quantities to retailers.

Tourism and Accommodation

We ensure our clients create memories in the most hospitable and welcoming environments. From scenic views to prolific ambience, the experience is our number one priority. Satisfaction ensured.

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Our Team

Here at Rockside, we are committed to going beyond for our esteemed clients. Our value is in our work, and our pride is in delivering what's best for you.